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Cuthbert Chapman Was a Friend


Dear Source:
I am very pleased that this jury found the people responsible for this crime guilty. Chappy was a good friend of mine and we shared a domino table at the "Domino Club" for many years. He often talked about buying a boat and taking his boys fishing. Since I had a charter boat at Salt River I offered to help him find a boat he could use. That was not to be. I left the island for Florida and and shortly thereafter he was killed. A great loss for St Croix and the St Croix police department.
I now have lost two great Cruzan friends, Chappy, and Jimmy "The Marshall" Macedon, both law enforcement folks. St. Croix is fortunate to have these dedicated law enforcement people like my friends and others. I will never ever forget them.

George V. Adams
Lakeland, Florida

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