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Justice and Condolences for Chapman


Dear Source:
To all I give thanks and praise for a fair and speedy trial; justice was served. But as his brother said, I too would have wished for it to be a more severe punishment. People these days have no conscience and no regard when it comes to taking another human life. This is truly sad.
Cuthbert was a friend. We grew up in Chabert project, playing on the court and down on the sand pile. I can vouch for the rest of the crew that hung out back in the day in Chabert project. Back then we called it the ghetto; it wasn't a bad thing, a couple of fist fights and after that everything was back to normal. Cuthbert will truly be missed; to Mrs. Chapman and the rest of the family, I give my condolences. Cuthbert was a very friendly and humble young man. It's been a very long time since I have seen him.
As I kept up with the online Source and the Daily News, my heart felt heavy reading about the trial every day. Even though I live in Tallahassee, Florida, I would log on to find out what was going on in my hometown. And the things I read about sadden me. There is crime all over the world, but home is so small compared to the mainland that you don't expect to hear all that we hear and read about.
To all at home: be blessed and please take care. To Mrs. Chapman, whom I know very well: please know that Chappy is in a better place where there is no suffering, no hunger and no pain. We all love him and will truly miss him. God bless you. Be strong, Mrs. Chapman, and remember you are in our prayers.
Kiture Burke
Tallahassee, Fla.

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