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The Silence Is Deafening


Dear Source:
Carmen Wesselhoft recently expressed her 'outrage' and demanded the governor appoint a police commissioner 'immediately'. She also stated, "Our primary duty as a Government is to protect the life and property of our citizens and revitalizing the Department of Public Safety must be our highest priority."
We couldn't agree more and add the following comments:
It is incomprehensible a freshman senator, who has yet to introduce a bill, has not had a chance to vote on a bill in session, (whoops, you would have to hold a session to vote on one), has not held a committee meeting of the committee she is chairman of, to make a demand on the governor at all!!! Much less to demand the governor name a police commissioner immediately.
What about homeland security, gun control, school security and actually upholding the laws already on the books? The acting police commissioner is making comments to the press (unlike all of the 15 senators who have in reality done little more than 'have constituent meetings' that legislative office staff has no idea where or when they are being held and 'doing office work' since their swearing in) and can institute the law enforcement. He seems very capable.
EVERY senator ran on a platform of providing more public safety. Now that you are elected, where are you hiding out and why the silence?
And kudos to Alvin Williams, another freshman senator. Enacting possible legislation for a new VI flag will really help all of us out as far as quality of life. Our seniors will really appreciate waving a new flag over sewer spilling onto our streets, the homeless will no doubt feel the urge to salute our new flag when passing over them as they sleep outside, our children will be more educated and school rooms overflowing with supplies and books because of the flag and tourism will no doubt flourish under your new proposed bill when passed. Great job, Alvin. And all of us taxpayers really feel warm and fuzzy about paying you $85,000 in addition to a free vehicle, gas, per diem, free admission to events and an office staff to boot! At least Wesselhoft is asking for something that will positively impact the entire community.
And to the rest of the senators, save the four on STX who will be recalled, where are you and what have you been doing for five weeks? Why no committee meetings? Why no legislative sessions? And we were promised so much prior to the election. Your silence is deafening.
Jill Lange
Christiansted, V.I.

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