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To Approve or Not to Approve


Dear Source:
To me the central question is not whether GERS can buy VITELCO on its own, but rather, from a public policy point of view, should GERS pursue the acquisition absent the approval or non-approval of the Governor and the Legislature. My opinion is it should not. After all, GERS is a creature of Government. And, if we reflect on one of the fundamental reasons why Government exists, we will recall that Government exists to ensure that certain fundamental services are made available to the common man, and the poor – services that they might not have access to, absent the existence of Government. These services have been traditionally labeled as "good health care", "good education", and "good fire and police protection". It would appear that in the 21st century, telecommunications services will join the ranks (if it has not already) of these must have services for the common man and the poor. The potential acquisition of VITELCO is of sufficient weight and gravity (it affects all inhabitants in this Territory – not just government employees and retirees) that we must find a way to ensure that the approval or non-approval of the Governor and the Legislature is secured. Of course this question does not address whether Government or a government entity should own or operate VITELCO – that is a different topic for another day.
Jose L. George
St. Thomas

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