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Reorganizing the Government, Changing the System


Dear Source:
This is the first time I have truly understood the importance of the Constitutional Convention! Thank You Paul for your clarity and detailed explanation on how this event can directly affect the people and offer change to the many aspects of our present system of government that do not work!
The present "situation" with our legislature is a perfect example of why we must be clear on what needs changing so that our needs are served. The "last hour" Senator's pay raise when so little has been done for the people for so long; the "too many" Senators with too little legislative skills or knowledge to really be effective at their job; with the centralized government operating mostly out of St. Thomas and consequently, out of touch with both St. Croix and St. John's needs. Simply put-very little money or resources make their way to the basic needs of the people of the VI's. This is not acceptable.
Our government is too "top heavy"-with individuals much too interested in keeping things the way that they are: staying in control and in power end up being the main goal-not serving the public. I regularly watch our government in action on our local TV station. Many of our senators have no real idea about what goes on in St. John. The lack of any problem solving for the past eight years attests to this fact. Look at the ongoing "parking issue"-one very simply problem that cannot be solved-STILL! I imagine that it is exactly how St. Croix feels. I do not believe that one "Senator-at-Large" for three Islands can "serve" St. John.
We appear to have an organizational "systems" problem that must be addressed if we are to ever get out of the mess that we are in. Hopefully, this Constitutional Convention will do this. I hope that Paul Devine considers being a delegate!
Bonny Corbeil
St. John

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