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Beware of Telephone Credit Card Sweepstakes Scam


Dear Source:
I received a call today telling me that my name came up for a sweepstakes that was being given to all credit card holders. The man who called apparently did not know if I had a credit card for sure or which one. The man named a list of credit cards off and said, you have one of these right? He said I could win thousands of dollars.
I told the man who called me, I was not interested in any sweepstakes. As soon as I did that, he hung up on me without even a goodbye or thank you for your time. I knew right then, I had done the right thing by saying am not interested.
It would be easy for many people to fall for a scam especially when they are struggling. You have to stop and think in this day and age of scams and identity theft. Did I fill out any sweepstakes form? NO. Did any credit card company send me any info about a sweepstake? NO. Is the name of company or man a name I ever heard before? NO. How did this man get my name and my unlisted phone number especially not being a local? I don't know.
It would be extremely unlikely that any credit card companies would be conducting sweepstakes over the phone randomly. Be careful not to give out your personal information to possible scammers! If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
Carol Berry
St. Thomas

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