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Children's Book by St. Thomas Teacher Coming Soon


Feb. 18, 2007 — Follow a 14-year-old boy through a "scary time warp" in the Virgin Islands in Claude's Adventure, the first book by St. Thomas high school teacher Wendy-Ann Diaz.
Claude goes from a present-day classroom through the time warp, according to a news release from House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP).
"This is a mystery book for children everywhere between ages 8 to 14," said Jacqueline Sample, HNP president. "The color illustrated book can easily be read to younger children by teachers, Sunday school and community-center helpers, parents and older siblings."
The book has a strong message about literature, according to St. Martin librarian Blanca Hodge.
"Claude, unwilling to behave and pay attention at school, experiences in an extraordinary manner that in other times, people strongly believed in the power of reading and writing," she said.
"There is also an exciting new twist of a jumbie or phantom guide," Sample added. "Diaz has weaved in intriguing glimpses of history, geography and how different families are made up. Neither the real world nor the suspense parts weigh down the story or take away from the setting, the characters or the sheer joy of reading — but should leave readers in wonder and hungry for more."
Claude's Adventure should be in regional bookstores, libraries, schools and homes before June 2007.
Lionel Parsons did the illustrations, while Gina Rombley designed the book.


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