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Virgin Islands Executive Branch
Office of the Governor
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Executive Branch Departments
Other Executive Branch Offices
Executive Agencies with Boards
Island Administrators
United States Congress–V.I. Delegate
District Court (federal)
Virgin Islands Judiciary Branch
Virgin Islands Legislative Branch

Virgin Islands Executive Branch

John P. deJongh Jr….774-0001/773-1404
Fax 774-1361/778-7978/776-4912 No e-mail yet
Lieutenant Governor
Gregory R. Francis…774-2991/773-6449
Fax 774-6953/773-0330
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Tax Assessor Roy Martin…776-8505 Fax 774-1270
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Web site:
Executive Branch Departments–Cabinet Members

Department of Agriculture
Commissioner Lewis Peterson…778-0991 / 774-5182 Fax 778-7977 / 774-1823

Department of Education
Main number…774-0100 / 773-1095 Fax 779-7153 / 773-1650
Commissioner Donna Frett-Gregory…774-2810
Department of Finance
Commissioner Claudette J. Watson-Anderson…774-4750 / 773-1105 Fax 776-4028 / 778-5002
Executive Asst. Commissioner Austin L. Nibbs…774-4750 / 773-1105 Fax 776-4028 / 778-5002
Department of Health
Commissioner Vivian Ebbesen-Fludd…774-0117 / 773-6561 Fax 777-4001 / 713-9928
Department of Housing, Parks and Recreation
Commissioner St. Clair N. Williams…774-0255 / 773-0160 Fax 774-4600 / 773-3150
Department of Human Services
Commissioner Christopher Finch…774-0930 / 773-2323 Fax 774-3466 / 773-6121

Department of Justice
Attorney General Vincent Frazer…774-5666 / 773-0295 Fax 774-9710 / 773-3236
Department of Labor
Web site:
Commissioner Albert Bryan Jr…773-1994 / 776-3700 Fax 773-0094 / 774-5908
Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs
Web site:
Commissioner Kenrick Robertson…774-3130 / 773-2226 Fax 776-8303 / 778-8250

Department of Planning and Natural Resources
Web site:
Commissioner Robert Mathes…774-3320/773-1082 Fax 775-5706 / 773-1716
Police Department
Web site:
Commissioner James H. McCall…774-2211 / 778-2211 Fax 715-5517 / 778-2373
Department of Property and Procurement
Commissioner Lynn A. Millin…774-0828 / 773-1561 Fax 777-9587 / 773-0986
Department of Public Works
Commissioner Darryl Smalls…776-4844 / 773-1290 Fax 774-5869 / 773-0670
Assistant Commissioner Roberto Cintron

Department of Tourism
Web site:
Commissioner Beverly Nicholson-Doty…774-8784 / 773-0495 Fax 774-4390 / 773-5074
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Other Executive Branch Offices

Board of Elections
Supervisor of Elections John Abramson…774-3107 Fax 776-2391
Bureau of Audit and Control
Inspector General Steven G. van Beverhoudt…774-3388 / 772-3936 Fax 774-6431 / 772-3956
Bureau of Information and Technology
Executive Director John George…774-1013 Fax 774-1490

Bureau of Internal Revenue
Director Gizette Canegata-Thomas…774-5865 / 773-1070 Fax 714-9305 / 773-1006
Division of Personnel
Director Kenneth L. Hermon Jr….774-8588
Fax 714-5040 / 773-0341
Office of Collective Bargaining
Chief Negotiator Jessica Gallivan…774-6450 / 713-0735 Fax 777-4622 / 713-0757
Office of the Inspector General
Inspector General Steven Van Beverhoudt…774-3388 Fax 774-6431
Office of Management and Budget
Web site: (installed and managed by OMB for tracking federal education funds)
Director Debra Gottlieb…774-0750 Fax 776-0069
Office of the Territorial Public Defender
Chief Public Defender Harold W.L. Willocks, Esq….774-8181 Fax 774-3052

Office of Veterans Affairs
Director Morris D. Moorehead…773-6663 Fax 692-9563
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Virgin Islands Fire Service
Director Victor Browne…774-7610 / 773-8050
Fax 774-4718 / 773-8032
Virgin Islands National Guard
Adjutant General Col. Renaldo Rivers…712-7711 / 712-7710 Fax 712-7711 / 712-7710
Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency
State Director Stevelyn Parris…774-2244 Fax 714-4470
VITEMA St. Thomas: 774-2244
VITEMA St. Croix: 773-2244
VITEMA St. John: 776-6444
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Executive Agencies With Boards

Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center, St. Croix
Chief Executive Officer Gregory A. Calliste…778-6311 Fax 778-4643 / 719-5864
Roy Lester Schneider Hospital, St. Thomas
Chief Executive Officer Rodney Miller…776-8311 x2286
Fax 714-6316 Fax 715-2753 / 773-9263

Bureau of Economic Research
Director Lauritz Mills…714-1700 Fax 776-7953
Economic Development Authority
Chief Executive Officer Frank Schulterbrandt…714-1700 / 773-2161
Government Employees Retirement System
Acting Administrator Joanne Barry…776-7703 Fax 776-4499
Magens Bay Authority
Executive Director Hubert Brumant…777-6300 Fax 777-6131
Public Finance Authority
Director of Finance and Administration Julito Francis…714-1635 Fax 714-1636
University of the Virgin Islands
Web site:
President LaVerne Ragster…693-1000 Fax 693-1100 Fax 693-1115
Virgin Islands Housing Authority
Executive Director Jose Bosque-Perez…775-2741 / 773-3525 Fax 775-0832 / 773-3054
Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority
Executive Director Clifford Graham…774-4481 / 772-3180 Fax 774-0025 / 778-1033
Virgin Islands Lottery
Executive Director Paul L. Fleming…774-2502 / 778-6360 Fax 776-4730 / 778-0683
Virgin Islands Port Authority
Web site:
Executive Director Darlan Brin…774-1629 Fax 774-0025
Main line for Administration 775-1629. (Each department has direct lines; see V.I. telephone directory)
Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority
Executive Director May Cornwall Adams…774-4139 / 773-4489 Fax 773-7116 / 774-4139
Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority
Acting Executive Director Nellon Bowry…774-3552 Fax 774-3422

West Indian Company Limited
President and Chief Executive Officer Edward E. Thomas…774-1780 Fax 776-4785
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Island Administrators
St. Thomas/St. John Administrator Barbara Petersen…774-0001 Fax 774-0151
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United States Congress

Virgin Islands Delegate to the United States House of Representatives
Congresswoman Donna M. Christensen
In the Virgin Islands 774-4408 / 778-5900 Fax 774-8033 / 778-5111
In Washington, D.C. (202) 225-1790 Fax (202) 225-5517
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District Court (federal)

Web site: www.vid/
District of St. Croix…773-1130 Fax 773-1563
Chief Judge Raymond L. Finch…773-5021
U.S. Magistrate Judge George Cannon Jr.
District of St. Thomas/St. John…774-0640 Fax 774-1293
District Judge Curtis Gomez…774-1800
U.S. Magistrate Judge Geoffrey Barnard:
Bankruptcy Division…774-8310 Fax 776-5615
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Virgin Islands Judiciary Branch
Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Presiding Judge Daryl Donhue…778-9750 Fax 713-6638
Division of St. Croix…778-9750 Fax 713-6638
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Rhys Hodge…774-6680 Fax 713-6638
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Virgin Islands Legislative Branch

Web site:


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