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Botanical Garden Begins 'Second Saturdays' Program


Jan. 9, 2008 – The first in a series of educational workshops for children and their parents will be held on Saturday, Jan. 12, at St. George Village Botanical Garden. This week's event is called "Making Fibers from Plants."
"Many different plants around the world provide fibers that humans have long used for a variety of purposes, from weaving cloth to weaving baskets," Chakroff said. "In this workshop, parents and children will learn about plants that provide fibers, visit the fiber garden, and then don goggles and aprons to experiment with different types of plants to find out whether local plants contain useful fibers."
She cautions that the activity will get messy and suggests participants wear old clothes.
Space for the workshops is limited; there is a $5 per person charge. To register, call 692-2874.
On the second Saturday of each month in 2008, SGVBG board member Marilyn Chakroff will present botanically related workshops to inspire children to be more aware of the role plants play in our lives.
The February 9 workshop will be "All About Chocolate;" March 8 will be "Making and Using Dried Flowers;" and April 12 will cover "What Plants Provide."


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