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Uneducated and Overpaid


Dear Source:
Below is a letter I sent to the 15 senators… Senator Russell read the line about the senators being uneducated in the senate the day of [Dr. Spampinato's] hearing, and at the end [he] said signed by "Eleanor Barto-Turley" even though he said they received many letters of the same sentiment.
Well they have proved me right by their actions and the screaming and name calling they have done…The problem with our government we have about 33% who do nothing and are all overpaid…On an island struggling to stay alive, we have too many over paid senators and government vehicles…Wapa needs to be disbanded and our electricity needs to be provided by a private entity…It was said we need between $300 Million and $400 million to build a new plant…Yet we have a plant on the south shore that is willing and able to provide electricity to the island and our government doesn't want to hear about it…

I hope you will vote yes for Dr. Spampinato. The mentally of the senators appears to me as a group of uneducated people.. and I guarantee that I will not vote for any senator that does not approve Dr. Spampinato…Our governor made a recommendation and your disapproval shows me, you have no respect for our governor…I have lived here for 19 years and watched the most overpaid politicians do the worst job I have ever seen. Eleanor Barto-Turley
Eleanor Barto-Turley
St. Croix

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