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Activists Forget Some Key Issues


Dear Source:
Items 2, 3, & 4 in their demands, under the way our government operates, will add even more taxpayer costs to managing our energy system if they are going to be hiring more people to fulfill these three steps. Any government subsidy of WAPA and any LEAC freeze (which PSC has already done by not approving the increases when first asked for) will simply compound the already fiscal problems of WAPA and us, the taxpayers/Rate payers. Remember, we the taxpayers, are the government—-it is our money that the ill-conceiving elected and appointed officials are constantly wasting without our approval. And that is the one mandatory point that needs to be in the constitution currently being bandied about. No taxation without the vote of the people. No more new taxes, fees, etc. passed by the legislature without a vote of the people.
James A. Hoffman
St. Croix

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