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Feeling the Bite


Dear Source:
Good day my fellow Virgin Islanders, l have been reading alot of the comments on this Web site about a variety of topics and l have come to a conclusion; things won't change on their own, something or someone needs to affect that change.
We constantly complain, often in small groups, about WAPA, the Department of Education, the Legislature, not to mention a variety of other topics. At the end of the day, what has changed?
Someone mentioned having "uneducated" senators in the legislature, who voted them into office? We complain about the cost WAPA is charging us, and we expect them to find other sources of power for us. From a business perspective that makes no sense. If l owned WAPA and all people did was complain about the prices but still paid their bills, why should l look for other sources of power, for you?
Is it me or was there a vast difference in media attention for the candidate that was chosen for commissioner of Education? Why is that? There was lots of coverage about our displeasure for Spampinato, but Dr. Terry was chosen under a low hush, or at least that is my opinion. By the way, best of luck to Dr. Terry.
No matter what we think or how we feel, we need to get up off our behinds and get out there and demand better. Alot of us complain everything is going up except our paychecks, but yet we still try to find ways to survive. A dollar is a dollar, no matter how you spin it, and if you don't have enough dollars to take care of yourself and your family then we got problems. There should be more to life than just surviving.
Whether you live on St. Thomas, St. Croix, or St. John, we are all now feeling the crunch of our laid back attitudes towards public administration. We have left it up to the powers to be to run things, and the fiscal mismanagement is way out of control. If you don't believe me, take a look around you and ask yourself, how many people do l know with two or more jobs trying to make ends meet?
By now l think we are tired of reading about government officials stealing millions of dollars, and others from another department complaining they don't have enough money to run their department. In the end, we are all feeling the bite, do you like being bitten (like this)?
Gary Moore
St. Croix

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