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A Response to a Diatribe Against the Public


Dear Source:

We are in trouble in the short run as well as in the long run regarding energy. What would Gary Moore have us do other than pay our WAPA bills–WAPA will shut us off, but they won't shut off the government. All we can do in the short run is complain as elections are months away. The feds through the VI Energy Office are trying to help us. The rebate program is back in full swing, but the office can't get places like K-Mart and Home Depot to participate in the rebate program. I did some price comparisons and two of the places on the approved list had appliances that were so expensive that the 20% rebate wound up at the rates K-Mart and Home Depot charge without a rebate. I checked stoves and refrigerators. I don't think stoves are on the list for rebates, but you get the idea. Therefore, there is no incentive to buy a new appliance if the old one still works. Step up to the plate K-Mart and Home Depot. You can keep your profits and save us a real 20%.
I agree with Mr. Hoffman–no new taxes without our vote. But there is obviously money in the coffers which just needs to be spent on a priority basis. Instead of funding needless trips around the islands for the delegates to the Constitutional Convention and goodness knows what else, the money needs to be spent to help with lowering utility costs. The group in St. Croix which is protesting and picketing WAPA has the right idea–how else can we get their attention.

Dena Langdon
St. Thomas

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