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In the Forefront of a Global Movement


Dear Source:
I like the positive way Mr. Howard (Source: A Different Kind of Reparations 1/17/08) thinks! A 'rising tide lifts all boats'!. And some of the solutions make great sense to me. If Tourism got on board and supported this idea, along with Green Builders, Unity groups, upset citizens marching against WAPA and every other ill, etc. we'd have a large combined group…. and instead of butting our heads up against the political ploy of 'divide and conquer' we'd have the effective labor union tool of 'in numbers there is strength'. We look like the legislature ourselves when we all hold on to our own ideas and turf, instead of coming together on helpful compromises that work for the good of the group.
It's like the analogy of always pointing out and dwelling on the slavery times. It happened, its true, and healing is needed. But what helps you heal and to be proud is to focus on your accomplishments. We give no attention to the time period after Emancipation when the native communities survived. It takes strong people, with strong beliefs and values and community spirit to do that. The history of the East End Community in St. John for example, should be what visitors learn and the youth know, and it should come first – before Annaberg Sugar Mill!
So too, the chance to put our island at the forefront of the growing global movement to become more self-sustaining and eco-conscious. If this type of training and guidance were given by the Danish, fabulous new employment opportunities would open up for our youth. Reparations is like giving a man a fish, and as the saying teaches, that's not as good as teaching him how to fish, so he never goes hungry.
Judith Kane
St. John

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