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Distressed by Tax Collection Fraud


Dear Source:

The audit by the U.S. Department of Interior is some of the most depressing news I have seen in some time. As a taxpayer, it is distressing to find out that the system is not fairly administered. Under the mostly honor system of taxation in the United States, while we all look for every possible exemption or deduction to minimize our taxes, we pay with the belief that others are doing so as well.
It does not surprise me that there are a number of non-filers out here. I can see how the IRB could miss Joe Schitz, the rag picker who lives on the underground economy, but it is absolutely mind-blowing that 5,609 people, suckling at the public teat can get away with not paying taxes. This would not be possible in any state in the US. It makes me feel like a fool for sending in my return and tax dollars every year. The audit apparently did not go into what could be done, but if it were my call, every one of those deadbeats would be summarily fired, and subsequently prosecuted for tax fraud. This, of course, presumes that those 5,609 are real government employees and not just phantom workers that some other worker is collecting the pay check for. Seems that is an all too common occurrence.
If the auditors can find these 5,609, did the audit identify them by name? Let's publish that list of names! What a refreshing openness in government that would be. How about it Source? Can you get those names under Freedom of Information? Sic 'em!

John Fuller
St John

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