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We Are All in This Together


Dear Source:

What a great piece by JJ Estemac! I too believe that inclusiveness with all peoples who make up the fabric of our Community is imperative for us to move forward in unity and pride – to be the very best Virgin Islands that we can be. And yes – we desperately need some strong leadership within our VI Political Parties.
I see so many critical issues and so little response to solutions and stands esp. in regards to the hot button issues presently taking center stage. With so much riding on the importance of our Constitutional Convention to the future of our Islands – why do we not hear more from our Party Leaders? Sometimes there is a tendency to say nothing … "to mind our own business". This has to change – the business of government is everyone's business.
Everyone of us has a serious stake in our VI's future. The more we dialog, discuss and debate issues (not personalities); listening with an open-mind – with our sight on the goals that we want to reach – the closer we can all move towards more intelligent solutions for us all. I am presenting registered as a Democrat, however, question my party affiliation, everyday. I have researched the VI's past and must say that much of this party's membership appears to be more about traditional loyalty as opposed to issues and stands. There are many like me sitting on the fence. I look at someone like Gov John de Jongh and see the best in The Democratic Party affiliation … then look at our Legislative Branch and cringe. It it is way past due for this party – others as well the others – to show much needed Leadership. This is an election year, correct? We are waiting.
Bonny Corbeil
St. John

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