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How I Learned to Love the Post Office


Dear Source:
You all have a story that involves our Postal Service. Two weeks for a letter to get from Csted to Fsted, Xmas packages arriving in February or not at all, Donna Christian Green for years pledging to do something about it, but still completely unsuccessful, ultimately resulting in less tax revenue for the Territory.
All that said, you may want to complain less about your USPS woes after you have had a stint with Fedx:
Thursday night online tracking showed that Fedx had attempted to deliver a package after business hours (5pm) to our shop in town.
Fedx is shut Saturday and Sunday, so Friday was do or die. We badly needed the spare part in that little package so Friday morning I called the local tel.# listed in the new 2008 phone book, only to be redirected to an automated service. I wanted to come and pick up the package myself to make sure that Thursday didn't repeat itself. I kept on calling, thinking they were not yet open. Finally I panicked and drove up to Fedx in Peter's Rest only to be told that my spare part had left for delivery.
And O! You can no longer call Fedx locally!
When asked why, I was told that this new policy applied to all Fedx locations everywhere and this was done because picking up the phone took time away from other important tasks.
Anyhu, the nice lady called the delivery truck and I was told that my delivery was next, so I jumped in my car, drove downtown and waited for two hours outside our studio. No package, no local phone # I again jumped in my car and raced up to Peter's rest. Another nice lady again called the delivery truck and was again told that our package was next. At this point one or two ironic remarks slipped out of my mouth, and as I drove downtown again I realized that there is a terrorist in all of us and that Fedx is part of the Axes of Evil.
And yes! We got our package.
Post office, Post office! In spite of your shortcomings: We love you!
Steffen Larsen
St. Croix

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