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Reduce Fishing Before It Is Too Late


Dear Source:
The resources on St. Croix have been greatly reduced since the use of scuba diving . More and more fishers are using it, and so the resources are much deeper than ever. So of course the divers will continue to dive deeper and deeper. Do we the taxpayers want to keep paying for the treatment for people who are destroying the resources? We need to reduce the amount of fishing on St. Croix before it is too late. Already complete species of fish are gone, do we wait for the last fish over 6 inches are gone before we close down the fisheries? Due to the lack of herbivores (parrot fish), our few live corals are quickly being killed by algae over growth. Maybe Dr. Olsen, Robert Maithes and the governor need to watch "The Lion King" then maybe they will get it.
Michelle Pugh
Christiansted, St. Croix

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