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Brief: Professor Who Mixes Science and Religion Speaking on St. Thomas


Jan. 29, 2008 — A Harvard professor whose ideas combine science and religion will speak at the Antilles School Feb. 7.
Owen Gingerich is professor emeritus of astronomy and the history of science at Harvard University and senior astronomer emeritus at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. He will talk about Copernicus, his book, The Book That Nobody Read, and answer questions about Copernicus and more, according to a news release from Antilles School.
Gingerich is also the author of God's Universe. Booklist wrote, "Gingerich believes in a designed universe, although not in intelligent design (ID), the anti-evolution theorizing that some evangelical Christian activists want taught in public-school science courses."
The release describes Gingerich as an unconventional instructor: "He's been known to dress in medieval costume to get the attention of his Harvard students. Or to propel himself out of his classroom with a fire extinguisher to demonstrate Newton's third law of motion."
Gingerich is described as a world-renowned expert on Copernicus, who was credited with starting a "revolution" by convincing the world that the earth was not the center of the universe but rather that the earth moved around the sun. This stunning concept was the lasting legacy of Copernicus, a diplomat, economist, mathematician and cleric who just happened to be interested in astronomy.
Gingerich will speak at 7 p.m. Feb. 7 in Prior-Jollek Hall on the Antilles School campus. Tickets are $15 and may be purchased by calling Reichhold Center for the Arts at 693-1559, or at the following ticket outlets: Dockside Bookshop at Havensight, Island Video at Nisky Center, Home Again at Red Hook and Interiors at Fort Mylner.
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