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Intrepid Investments Broadens its Internet Reach


Feb. 5, 2008 — Intrepid Investments, a newly formed venture-capital group based on St. Thomas, has announced that its subsidiary has acquired what is described as a "market leader" in online advertising solutions.
Bristol Interactive has acquired Kitara Media, a Canadian company that boasts "… precision-targeted advertising campaigns … that attract millions of consumers to produce quality results." The two companies are a good match, said Niuniu Ji, Bristol's chief and the owner of Intrepid Investments.
"What Kitara specializes in is web display advertising," Ji explained. "With the acquisition of Kitara Media, Bristol gains another complement to its service offerings to advertisers and publishing clients."
Bristol, a multi-channel marketing services firm, helps advertisers achieve their marketing goals and publishers achieve their revenue yields, Ji said. The company specializes in business management, consulting and marketing, including online display advertising, affiliate marketing and data-management services.


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