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Two Years of Property Taxes Paid in One


Dear Source:
I have to agree with Sharon Coldren. Further, once the 2006 assessments and any changes brought about by sales to date have been fully disclosed to property owners, and once a well-thought-out and fair tax bill in all its details is crafted, the issue of assessing for 2006 and 2007 needs to be better addressed. No one has paid taxes for 2006 or 2007. If taxes for these two years are not paid in one calendar year, then when? Isn't this the fairest time to bill for both years since no one has had to pay for the last two years? Then we would be caught up. Owners have had the use of the money for two years, so there should not be a hardship is paying for both years in one year. Perhaps, the bills could go out in six-month intervals and get us caught up that way.

Dena Langdon
St. Thomas

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