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A Special Privilege


Dear Source:
To the 149 brave souls who came out and voted for Hillary: I would like to congratulate you for your commitment to a cause that is valiant and the right choice. You did not let your responsibility in doing the right thing be swayed by the hype and intimidation that precluded the Democratic caucus on Saturday, February 9th. I applaud you for your ability to look at the record of Hillary and vote your conscience. Keep thinking for yourself and continue your support for the best choice we have – Hillary.
As for my cousin in Gaithersburg. I was stun when I read that this will be your first time voting. To be given the opportunity to establish bona fides as an American citizen by doing what others has sacrificed for, and not take advantage of that opportunity is beyond my comprehension. I hope that this is the start of many treks to the poll and the casting of your vote, even if it is not someone I am share in common. The opportunity to vote is a special privilege that we all need to be proud of and express. Peace.
Shelley Thomas-Roberts
Silver Spring

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