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HOVENSA Scholarship Application Deadline is March 15


Feb. 21, 2008 -The deadline for submission of applications for the HOVENSA Scholarship is March 15. The scholarship is open to all students who will graduate this year from high school in the U. S. Virgin Islands, have maintained a grade average of "B" (3.0) or higher, and have resided in the V.I. for at least 15 years prior to the date of their application, or one of whose parents has resided here for at least 15 years immediately prior to that date, according to a press release from HOVENSA L.L.C. Vice President Alex Moorhead.
Moorhead stated that individual scholarships are awarded based on evidence of good character, scholastic achievement, and the financial need of the applicant. The amount of an award can be as much as $2,000 per year for a student who will attend the University of the Virgin Islands or $4,000 per year for a student who will attend an U.S. accredited college or university outside of the V.I. Once the scholarship is awarded, it will continue for four years provided that the recipient continues enrollment as a full-time student at an accredited college or university and maintains good academic standing at the institution.
Preference will be given to applicants who will pursue a college degree in chemical, mechanical or electrical engineering, which is a requirement for most of the entry-level professional positions at HOVENSA; however, awards will not be limited to students studying in those fields. Moorhead stated that applications for a HOVENSA scholarship are available from the office of the guidance counselor at all V.I. high schools.


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