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FYI: Senators Praise Golden/Wyndham Development


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Feb. 28, 2008 – Minority Senators Louis Patrick Hill and Ronald E. Russell heralded the development of a luxury 400 room resort by developer Paul Golden in collaboration with Wyndham Hotels and Resorts as the most significant business development for the island of St. Croix since Hovensa.
"True vision was demonstrated by the developer and Wyndham Hotels in designing a Resort which includes a signature golf course, premium spa, fitness center, four restaurants, casino, multiple lounges, superb retail stores and a club for children, just to name a few–a multifaceted resort with something for everyone," stated Senator Hill. Senator Ronald Russell said, "Wyndham is a first-class hotel chain and I am simply elated by the fact that St. Croix will have this resort available for our guests in the near future."
They continued, "We commend Paul Golden for his persistence, despite obstacles and undermining that would have brought the average man to his knees. The 25th and 26th Legislatures must be recognized for the critical roles they played in staying the course to make this all-important development for St. Croix become a reality. Now it is up to the 27th Legislature to back the project 100% and run interference straight to the grand opening."
"Positive energy is powerful and contagious; the creation of over 1000 construction jobs and 1200 permanent jobs will enhance St. Croix with positive economic energy; in addition, St. Croix will be immediately elevated as a premium tourist destination," stated Minority Senators Hill and Russell.
Senator Hill concluded by stating, "We must remain committed when we believe our efforts are in the best interests of the greatest number of people; when we are clear on our purpose, when we remain steadfast to our goal, we will ultimately succeed."


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