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Forum Presents Daniel Beaty in His Play 'Emergence–See!'


March 3, 2008 – The Forum will present Daniel Beaty in his 40-character one-man play "Emergence–See!" at 8 p.m., on Friday, March 14, at Prior-Jollek Hall, Antilles School.
The story: It's 2006 and a slave ship emerges from the Hudson River in front of the Statue of Liberty. Daniel Beaty plays 40 diverse personalities in a witty and moving exploration of our shared humanity and what it means to be free.
At the end of an early performance at a theater festival in Times Square, New York City, the actor/playwright was introduced to the legendary actress Ruby Dee, who came backstage to congratulate him. She was so impressed that she soon set the wheels in motion to help bring his play to New York's renowned Public Theater, where it premiered.
"Every now and then you see a performance that jolts the senses to attention. This is one of them!" Dee says. "By the end I was on my feet shouting like someone in church."
Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Beaty starting writing and delivering his own speeches as early as third grade. "I read a lot of Martin Luther King Jr.'s work, and a lot of his work was about dreams–dreaming that a better world was possible. Those lines were lifelines for me, because I was growing up with a lot of chaos," he said.
"I had a brother who had a drug addiction. I had a father with a criminal past and drug addiction as well. He was arrested when I was three, and I was raised by my mother in a single-parent household. So I grew up seeing these core black men in my life not free. One of the ways I began to farther myself was to invest in images–like Martin Luther King, Jr.–people who were choosing a different path and affecting people in a different way."
Beaty has appeared in NBC's "Apollo Theatre Showcase", on HBO and BET. "Emergence–See!" won the Obie Award for Excellence in off-Broadway theater. He has also performed at the White House, the Kennedy Center and the Edinburgh Festival.
For tickets, which are $30 and $10, call the Reichhold Center box office at 693-1559, or go to these outlets: Dockside Bookshop, Interiors (Ft. Mylner), Island Video (Nisky) and Home Again (Red Hook). Some aspects of the play may not be suitable for children under 12.


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