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Brief: WAPA to Discontinue Water-Conservation Schedule


March 5, 2008 — The V.I. Water and Power Authority has been successful in bringing its four water plants online and will discontinue its water-conservation schedule at St. Thomas housing communities, schools, and government offices by 5 p.m. Wednesday.
WAPA plant personnel were able to bring a depressurizing system on line in the Randolph Harley power plant and restore the plant's ability to produce enough low-pressure steam to run the water plants, said Gregory Rhymer, chief operating officer, according to a news release Wednesday from the authority.
"Plant and water-distribution personnel were very concerned about the inconvenience of the conservation schedule on WAPA’s St. Thomas water customers, so we worked very diligently to return service as quickly as possible," Rhymer said. "We will be building water storage over the next few days, so we are asking our customers to remain conservative in their water use, and we thank them for the patience and cooperation they have displayed."


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