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A Choice Between Money and the Environment


Dear Source:
If the true motive of the Leylon Sneed venture is to educate the public about our environment, let them put the boat where an unforeseen oil spill or accident cannot hurt the environment. The people involved are now spinning the true intent of the vessel, which is economic windfall for the owners, at any cost to the environment.
There are reasons that environmental and educational groups have not tried to take over a marine sanctuary here; those reasons are that the idea is environmentally dangerous and stupid. We don't have to approve building and developing every drop of our natural resources simply because they "are there".
The Leylon Sneed people have a terrible idea. How can we teach our children to appreciate the beautiful place we live, if there is a building, bar or restaurant or condo taking up every beautiful space? Enough is enough.
Julie Evert
St. Thomas

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