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Cruz Wins Anything Goes No. 2 Cycling Race


March 5, 2008 – Proving the old adage that 90 percent of success is just showing up, young Jonathan Cruz took advantage of the absence of the big guns of Virgin Islands cycling to snag his first career bike win. The remaining and more important 10 percent was his out sprinting Sue Brown in the final 100 yards in their duel to the line.
The Anything Goes series of races that appear three times during each racing season offer an unusual type of bike race. The race started at the Vincent Mason Coral Resort pool in Frederiksted and finished at Rust op Twist on the North Shore. The route between these two points is left up to each rider. Cruz, Brown, Apolinar Acevedo and Miquel Cruz all opted to take their road bikes up Queen Mary Highway to Carambola. On the descent down the steep side of the Beast, Brown and Jonathan Cruz bombed ahead to open up a 10 second lead. From there, it was "mano a womano," with Cruz proving to be just a bit faster, according to a press release from the V.I. Cycling Federation.
Mountain biker John Riggs chose to ride his single-speed mountain bike up the slopes of Creque Dam Road. Riding a single speed up such a severe grade is like running up a mountain in ski boots, and this odd choice probably cost him the overall win.
The next event is the East End Triathlon to be held on March 9, at Cramers Park.
For more information, call 773-8456.

Anything Goes No. 2 Race
March 2, 2008 (windy, clear)

Frederiksted Pool to Creque Dam Road to Rust Op Twist
1. Jonathan Cruz 53:00
2. Sue Brown 53:05
3. Apolinar Acevedo 53:11
4. Miguel Cruz 53:52
5. Scott Fricks 54:30
6. Richard Jeanpierre 54:42
7. Tom Guthrie 54:43 mtb
8. John Riggs 59:02 mtb
9. Joseph Thomas 59:02
10. Mark Kennedy 59:17
11. Edwin Cruz 59:55
12. Norris Hobson 59:56
13. Mathias Sampson 1:00:12
14. Brad Chaffee 1:00:55
15. Fred Flint 1:00:57
16. Narian Gentius 1:02:59
17. Marius Louis 1:03:36
18. David Morales 1:03:45
19. Milton Francis 1:04:36
20. Aaron Hutchins 1:07:38 mtb
21. Todd Harris 1:13:11 mtb
22. David Nowack 1:13:46 mtb


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