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Senators Express Enthusiasm for Rezoning Request


March 4, 2008 — Hubert Frederick pleaded his case Tuesday to the Committee of the Whole to allow light retail business on a parcel he is developing, and six senators present voiced their approval.
Claudia and Hubert Frederick are asking to rezone their plot of land on St. Croix, immediately east of the Trading Post and Rebound restaurant and south of Gallows Bay, from its current W-2 waterfront light industrial to B-3 business. Senate President Usie Richards said the request will be scheduled for a vote before the full Senate March 18 or 19.
The existing zoning would allow a bar, wrecking yard, asphalt paving, auto repair and other light-industrial businesses. The zoning Frederick is asking for would instead allow for finance, real estate, barber shops, boutiques or other small retail stores.
The rezoning he requests would allow businesses more appropriate to the area, Frederick argued.
"Based on the current development in the area, none of these currently permitted businesses are appropriate for the immediate surrounding community," he said. "Also, not one of these permitted uses enhances the environment in that area. … Lastly, with the new road bypass coming on board, the property sits with a major road frontage for vehicles passing to access or traverse through Christiansted town."
Frederick has begun construction consistent with either the property's current zoning or the zoning he is requesting. He has poured a foundation and begun construction of a 70-by-40 foot two-story steel structure that could house four businesses. A 10-car street-front parking lot is part of the plan.
The rezoning plan got a thumbs up from Marjorie Hendricksen-Emanuel, assistant zoning administrator with the Department of Planning and Natural Resources.
"The B-3 designation would allow the property a greater complement of uses that would be of benefit to residents of the neighboring communities," she said. "Due to its substandard nature, its location along a highway and the fact that the uses propose have not been determined to be out of character … the department sees the merit in the applicant's petition."
The senators strongly supported the rezoning, speaking of it as clear-cut and uncontroversial. "This is in my opinion, if not a no-brainer, close to it," Sen. Neville James said. "I look forward to seeing more development in that area. … I plan to support the rezoning and I wish you well going forward."
Sen. James Weber III went further.
"Mr. Frederick, you make me proud to come here tonight," he said "We all realize it is the sustainable small businesses that are the key to building our economy."
Richards, Sens. Norman Jn Baptiste, Shaun-Michael Malone and Juan Figueroa-Serville all added their explicit support as well, expressing satisfaction at having an apparently clear-cut request before them.
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