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Sailing to Christmas Cove


Dear Source:

From the mid-60's to the early 70's I went to the STYC's summer camp, and was taught how to sail all kinds of sailboats, from my Pram to a Sunfish, and ending with my brother's old fiberglass Catamaran. The Yacht Club was normally full of the member's moored boats, so straight across to Christmas Cove was the closest destination for the young sailors to learn.
We would sail from the Yacht Club and went directly to Christmas Cove. It was the perfect safe place for a 6 year-old (and older kids) to learn about wind patterns and practice tacking back and forth without having to avoid a lot of boats at anchor.
Over the years since leaving St. Thomas, I have returned to the area and have rented sailboats to sail to Christmas Cove. Some days there would be a good amount of boats visiting the cove, other days it would be virtually empty, and very few would spend the night. I am hoping that this summer, I will be able to take my kids there and teach them how to sail.
It would be a shame if there was a huge floating restaurant/bar placed at Christmas Cove. It would fill up quickly with too many boats, all the time. In order to attract enough customers for this restaurant/bar to work, they would need a flotilla of boats… everyday. This pristine cove would forever be changed.
The tranquility of Christmas Cove would be gone. The STYC's young sailors would no longer be able to sail with a relative amount of freedom, as they would be scared of collisions. And we would have yet another quiet cove gone forever.
Please, residents of St. Thomas (and visitors) that remember Christmas Cove's quiet and clean atmosphere, speak-up and don't let this restaurant/bar become a reality.
Resident from 1965 to 1983…and my heart is still there.

Carrie Ann (Hubschman) Gayle

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