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Brief: Festival King Bestows Gifts on New Moms


March 6, 2008 — Akeem Johnson, this year's reigning St. Croix Christmas Festival King, recently popped into the postpartum unit of Juan F. Luis Hospital bearing gifts to new mothers and their newborns.
Johnson, an 18 year-old graduate of St. Croix Educational Complex, is himself the product of a single parent home so he has a special appreciation for the love and the struggles that can come from that situation. So he set out to give something for a girl and a boy who were born to single mothers. He gave out his gift gift baskets and a child's safety car seat to new mothers RaChelle Fabio and Antenique Morrero.
Morerro is engaged to be married, so not exactly a single parent, but the single parents were hard to come by that day in the maternity ward, so not to be a stickler, Johnson made sure his gifts went to a new mother.


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