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A Very Good Idea


Dear Source:

This is a very good Idea. I have watched over the years as the Island that I was born and grew up on go from what I remember, that had not much drug crimes to a island that has too much going on in the area of Drugs. It also seems that not much of the Drug crimes on a small island as St Thomas were being solved and the on going St Croix drug interaction coming to St Thomas.
Now we all knew the reason was because of crooked cops and all the other things in the background. I believe that the Island people need to figure a way to take the island back from drugs and work on getting back to the Island that it was before. I personally moved, over 19 years ago to FL and have always wanted to know why for a small island we were not able to see that the crimes that happen on the island did not get solve because of the obvious reasons. I would like some day to move back to my home but I will like to have the home that I left years ago.

Sabrina Williams-Almorales
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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