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What Leadership Is All About


Dear Source:

The Governor saves the day – again! Once again, Gov. John deJongh has mediated another stalemate – the impasse between the management and board of the Juan F. Luis Hospital – to supposed success. Since taking office, the Gov. has mediated the WICO/VIPA fiasco, the Carnival Committee/Tempo matter, the AFT/Collective Bargaining chess match and now the JFL OK Coral.
I applaud the chief executive for his decisive actions to bring matters to closure. However, what about those who are being paid to act prudently and professionally on the behalf of the people? It seems evident that for quite some time, our "leaders" have been sleeping at the switch and taking us for granted while fanning the flames of their own egos. The truth is, the governor should not have to get involved in every skirmish that erupts.
Nonetheless, the governor's willingness to intervene before the cart goes off the cliff is a sign of what leadership is all about.
Now – if others could take a page out of deJongh's playbook!
Terence Thomas
St. Thomas

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