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Botanical Garden Will Have Student Art Show


March 9, 2008 – St. George Botanical Garden will have its second annual student art exhibit on Sunday, March 16. This year's theme is: "Art Is Not Just for the Birds; It's for Everybody." SGBG has delivered 125 birdhouses to 15 public and private schools on St. Croix. The art students are creating three categories of birdhouse art: birdhouses, found-object birdhouses or paintings of birds. The judges, who will include Toni Lance, will give awards in all three categories. The first-place winners will get a birds-eye view of St. Croix via helicopter. Second and third-place winners will receive gift certificates to various restaurants and retail stores.
All the art will be for sale, with the students receiving 60 percent of the profits. Art gift certificates of $100 will be given to one student in each school who has been chosen by the art teacher. The student can use it to buy art supplies from the Dick Blick Art Supply catalogue. These awards will be given at graduation.


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