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Where Did the Money Go?


Dear Source:

We are forgetting who is the beneficiary of a second $125,000+ contract awarded from UVI, granted by our 26th legislature, for not only informing us and educating us prior to the convention, but keeping us informed until the constitution is voted upon………just where is UVI appointed information guru Attorney Tregenza A. Roach ESQ (aka, coordinator/researcher) on publicizing information on the convention's progress? Mr. Roach needs to earn his exorbitant salary and the convention ought to demand it! Unless they do it can only be viewed as a gift.
One would only have to look at how the first $125,000+ was spent on a sparse internet site and limited meetings for the public to attend prior to voting for delegates. How much money did Attorney Roach retain for his 'services'?
And the delegates reaped the left-overs from the $500,000 awarded UVI, President Ragster, to do a stellar job of 'informing' the public, holding off the election/convention for another year until we were 'informed' enough to vote for representation? Thank you Senator Hill for sponsoring the bill and some of your 26th and 27th Legislature cronies for wasting, and continuing to waste more taxpayer money for nothing in return. We are no more informed and updated than what we read in the press for a lot less money.

Jill Lange

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