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Sustain the Fisheries; Don't Close Them


Dear Source:
This is very disturbing to see that Dr. David Olsen is resigning. The fishermen have been working closely with Dr. Olsen to manage our fishery. The Advisory Boards for both St. Thomas and St. Croix voted in favor of a management plan for the gillnet fishery instead of another closure. The Fishery Advisory Committee advised the Commissioner of DPNR on issues at hand and the way he should move. In this case, Commissioner Robert Mathes has decided to go against the Advisory panels. If this is the case then there shouldn't be any Advisory Panels.
This fishery (nets) is very important to St. Croix's economy and the stakeholders. What we need is individuals that call themselves public servants to start to do their job and back the culture and the people of the Virgin Islands. When the fishermen are all gone who's going to feed the people of the Virgin Islands in disasters? Example was 9/11 we did and always have done this during hurricanes and other events. Maybe if they would stop Costal Runoff, Global warming, storms etc. the reefs would survive. As the Chairman of the St. Thomas Fishermen Association I'm asking all the people of the Virgin Islands to support the fishermen as we fight for a sustainable fishery not closures. Dr. David Olsen is the only Director that has work closely with the fishermen and we need him to stay as the Director of Fish and Wildlife.
Julian Magras
St. Thomas

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