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Winners of 2008 Elementary Spanish Spelling Bee Announced


March 20, 2008 – Superintendent for the St. Thomas-St. John District Jeanette Smith-Barry has announced the winners of the 2008 Elementary Level District Spanish Spelling Bee. Thirteen district public, private and parochial schools participated in the event on March 12, which is held annually to coincide with the district's Foreign Language Month observations.
Foreign language coordinator for the St. Thomas-St. John District Myrna van Beverhoudt said, "Congratulations are extended to all of the school champions and a special "gracias" to all of the dedicated teacher/coaches, principals and officials of the competition. On behalf of the St. Thomas-St. John District I would also like to thank the parents and supporters that attended the event."
The winners are as follows:
District Champion School: Wesleyan Academy
District/ School Champion: Stuart Liburd
Alternate: Kyrelle Thomas
Coach: Ruth-Ellen Alcendor
Principal: Beverly Hinds
2nd Place School: Ulla F. Muller Elementary School
School Champion: Madainia Tavernier
Alternate: Tisha Simon
Coach: Lourdes Rivera-Richards
Principal: Ophelia Shillingford
3rd Place School: Joseph Sibilly Elementary School
School Champion: Amanda Perry
Coach: Cheryl Bougouneau
Principal: Dr. Lois Habtes
The other participating elementary schools included: Gladys Abraham, Antilles, Gifft Hill, Guy H. Benjamin, Milliner-Bowsky, Leonard Dober, E. Benjamin Oliver, Joseph Gomez, Lockhart, and Julius Sprauve. All student participants received trophies and Spanish readers courtesy of the St. Thomas-St. John School District. The top three finalists received Spanish-English dictionaries in addition to their readers and trophies. The first place winner also received a $100 savings certificate, an additional trophy and a "Winner" T-shirt courtesy of Scotiabank.
"Our students are wonderful and can spell well in more than one language. The finalists were able to survive 12 rounds and spell words correctly including required accent marks," said van Beverhoudt.


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