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Easter Campers Keep Trash in Check


March 24, 2008 — A survey of several camping beaches Monday on St. Croix found the litter scene under control, with the message of "take it in and take it out" appearing to get through to campers.
"In general we are very pleased with the wonderful group of campers at Southgate this year," said Carol Kramer-Burke, program director at the St. Croix Environmental Association (SEA). "They all abided by the posted rules and regulations."
Eric Joyce, a member of the board of directors at SEA, volunteered this weekend to check on sites at Southgate Coastal Reserve.
"There were no problems this year," Joyce said. "The education process is making inroads. Campers took out what they took in. The sites looked excellent — no bush cut and no trash left with more than half the campers gone. We were pleased that the sites were left very clean."
Still, St. Croix beaches were not totally litter-free, as a few clear plastic and Styrofoam cups blew across Dorsch Beach. At Cramer Park, assorted pieces of trash on the beach included a bleach bottle, a red plastic cup and gallon water jugs.
There was no sign of the large trash heaps left in previous years. The Department of Public Works (DPW) came through early each morning to remove trash, an employee of the Department of Housing, Parks and Recreation told the Source Monday.
Ha'Penny Beach was the only beach clear of campers by Monday afternoon. Trash on the beach was minimal, and there were large trash bags near the blue DPW barrels, ready for pickup.
There were comments from campers that the weather might have kept the number of campers down this year. The seas were high during the week with a front that came through, and several nights had rainfall. There were also advisory reports of undertows.
Some campers at Cramer Park complained that loud music forced them to leave earlier than usual.
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