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Brief: Water Fun for Kids Saturday Will Highlight Endangered Reefs


March 25, 2008 — A special day of water activities for children Saturday, including an underwater egg hunt, will help draw attention to endangered coral reefs in the territory.
"We have two beach and two water activities that are kid- and family-friendly planed for swimmers and non-swimmers," said Karlyn Langjahr, a member of the St. Croix Committee for International Year of the Reef.
A free snorkel clinic, with gear provided, will be held. After the clinic, an underwater seagrass egg hunt will take place. Plastic eggs will be weighted with stones and prizes will be awarded to whoever finds the most eggs.
Those who don't swim can create a coral-creature sandcastle, Langjahr said. Youngsters and adults may also build and design a mini coral colony using recyclable products and craft supplies.
Recent reports have indicated that the coral reefs of the Virgin Islands might be in danger. A World Conservation report publicized earlier this year said 51.5 percent of the coral reefs surveyed in the U.S. Virgin Islands declined because of bleaching and subsequent disease during 2005.
Advocates for preserving the reefs want St. Croix residents and youths to be aware of just what is at stake. In observance of the International Year of the Reef they are holding the Kids' Activity Day Saturday from 9 a.m. till noon at Cramer Park, in the St. Croix East End Marine Park.
The International Year of the Reef 2008 was proclaimed to strengthen awareness about the ecological, economic, social and cultural value of coral reefs and associated ecosystems; improve understanding of the critical threats to coral reefs; and generate both practical and innovative solutions to reduce these threats.
Anyone with questions about Saturday's events or Year of the Reef can contact Karlyn Langjahr at 773-3367 or Emily Tyner at 692-4144.
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