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A Very Good Impression


Dear Source:

Good Article! Thought I would write to say that while I haven't seen Mrs. Christensen running the halls of Congress, I have had occasion to interrupt her busy schedule here on St. Thomas. About a year and a half ago, there were some FCC matters that would have had a very damaging impact on both the cruising boater community in the Caribbean, and our own local ability to communicate under emergency conditions following a disaster. On short notice, the day before Thanksgiving, Mrs. Christensen found time to meet, discuss the problem, become knowledgeable and act. Through her office, we had the attention of the FCC Commissioners by the following Monday. I was dumbfounded by the speed with which she and her office acted and the very positive effect they produced in very little time.
The issue was one of national importance and a number of other national organizations were involved in trying to effect change. In my discussions with people from these other organizations both before and after, they were impressed at Mrs. Christensen's availabilty and willingness to act. It seems many other Congresspersons are not as available or as interested in the needs of their constituents.
So, I want to take the time here to commend Mrs. Christensen for her availability, interest, and dedication. She has made a difference for the VI. And while I can't resist the opportunity to ask here that she consider changing her support to Barrack Obama, she will continue to earn my vote at the polls.
Bernie McDonnell
St. Thomas

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