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How Long Is the Pay Out?


Dear Source:
WAPA is going about it in a negative way. They should say that they are extending service to the east end of St Thomas and on St John to provide potable reliable water to those residents. In return, WAPA would be receiving revenue from new customers. Now that is a positive approach.
The real question would be how long is the pay out? How many customers does WAPA anticipate getting? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for improving the infrastructure and providing good quality service to the residents. But the WAPA Board should ask these questions before proceeding. If it takes 10 years to payout the project because they only have a handful of customers, then it is a bad deal. But if the pay out is a couple of years because you are serving 100 residents then go for it.
To get the residents on board with the project, you need to approach it is a positive way.
Robert Scott
Formerly of the V.I.

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