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Who Stands Up for the Little Guy?


Dear Source:
Who will stand up for the little guy? When do we ever hear "I won't put my diving operation here, it will interfere with the fishermen, who have been fishing here for generations before Jacques Cousteau ever put on a face mask", when do we hear "I won't build my fancy villa here because it will block the view and breezes that local folks have been enjoying since emancipation", or "I won't build my condos here because it will prevent access for people to beaches they have long enjoyed", or "I won't build my house in Dorothea because I don't like the smell of smoke when bush is being cleared for agriculture".
The answer is Never. It is easier to do what you want to do and then try and displace those around you. The hedonists should not have it all their own way. I totally support David Olsen in his defense of nine St. Croix fishermen, I just hope they are grateful for his sacrifice.
Annette Olsen
St Thomas

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