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Attendance or Lack Thereof of PSC Board Members


Dear Source:
I continually note members of the PSC are not in attendance or do not vote on important issues germane to the very existence of the board's function and responsibility. Alecia Wells is rarely in attendance (and certainly not due to being a Constitutional Convention Delegate since she is MIA frequently from her responsibility there!) and Thomas Jackson has not had an 'opinion' to vote yea or nay on several occasions, abstaining when a vote is being polled.
Can we please at least pretend to care about the residents of the territory and show up to vote and if in physically in attendance vote? Not to care about an appointed responsibility that is created to protect the public is irresponsible at best.
There should be a public outcry to the Governor and Legislature to appoint and approve members to the commission who are willing to do their responsibilities and remove those members who continually shirk their duties!

Jill Lange
St. Croix

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