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Golden Rejects Bloggers as Media


Dear Source:
Despite recognition in the Open Government Act and rulings by the FEC (http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/09/05/fec-determines-that-blogs-count-as-media/) that "under US law blogs are formally recognized as media organizations", Paul Golden rejected bloggers as "media" and evicted us from his "Press Conference and Property Tour" this morning.
Thursday, April 3, Golden sent out a "Media Alert" inviting select individuals and "all press" to meet at Ginnie's store Friday morning at 10:00 am and ask "any and all questions that you might have". The last line of the "alert" reads "This tour is for all media representatives and invited persons only." But apparently it's more like one of those Bush PCs where he'll answer all questions from a hand-picked audience.
We showed up and circulated a list of important questions that Golden has managed to avoid answering publicly thus far. The list included supporting documentation demonstrating the "factual" responses. But when we tried to hop on the safari bus for the tour, Paul Golden and his henchman, Roy Rogers, refused to let us join. They claimed it was for invited guests and media only. We responded that we write a blog about Living on St. Croix (http://stcroixblog.massagestcroix.com) and our readers have unanswered questions about this project. But they refused to let us go unless we were with the Avis, Daily News, or TV 2. Those media outlets did have representatives, and Roger Morgan was invited and included. Here's to hoping someone asks some of the important questions. We'd like to hear the answers.
Michael Dance
St. Croix

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