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The St. Thomas Historical Trust Weekly Column, Feb. 8


St. Thomas Historical Trust (STHT) took wings on Nov. 23, 1965, when 12 dedicated Virgin Islanders put pen to paper and signed the Articles of Incorporation. Article No. 11 stated that there would be 12 initial directors: Alonzo Moron, Anna Daniels, Edith Feiner, Vivian Anduze, Frederick Gjessing, Eveston Webb, Margot Bachman, Robinson Smith, Ira Smith, Gertrude Dudley, Isidor Paiewonsky and John Bensen. A lot is owed to those 12 for having the vision to preserve and protect our historical sites and heritage.
Forty-six years later, our director count has grown to 15 seats. The executive committee comprises President Ronald Lockhart, VP Bernice Turnbull, Treasurer Frank McConnell, and Secretary Lisa Chamely-Aqui. Board champions are hard at work on several projects, including our lecture series, which is ready to host its third event for this season on Sunday, Feb. 27, at the Francois Building on Norre Gade, now home to the VI Council on the Arts. The lecture will be “A Conversation on Up Street” with We From Up Street member Myron Jackson. All are welcome. The lecture takes place at 3 p.m. at a cost of $5 for STHT members and $10 for non-members.
Did you know… that you can purchase attractive STHT license plates that come numbered, or you can order a vanity plate. You can buy them from the museum, which is located on the West side of Roosevelt Park, at Rodriguez Auto Parts, Captain’s Corner stores and the Historic Preservation office. Call the Historical Trust at 774-5541 for more information.
The St. Thomas Historical Trust is a non-government funded membership organization. Log on to our Web site at www.stthomashistoricaltrust.org and find out all the things we do that deserve your support. Volunteers are needed to be docents in our museum. There are many opportunities for you to get involved in preserving the history of this great island.
Our mission statement is to identify, protect, and preserve the historical identity, structures, sites and cultural heritage of St. Thomas through education, advocacy and promotion.
Contact Debbie Avery, executive director, St Thomas Historical Trust, 774-5541 or [email protected]


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