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St Thomas Historical Trust Weekly Column, March 1

St Thomas Historical Trust Weekly Column, March 1

The Rotary Clubs of St Thomas Sunrise and EAST, plus two Interact members from VI Monessori Academy, had a personal tour of Hassel Island's Creque slipway led by St Thomas Historical Trust board member Charles Consolvo and then followed it up by doing a clean-up. 30 bags of trash were hauled off.
The Trust on Track to “free” Fort Christian The new Fort Christian task force of the St. Thomas Historical Trust is making progress. Headed by board member Steve Bornn, who has a passion for the fort, the committee’s goal is to re-open Fort Christian to the public.
Trying not to make political or legal waves but to respectfully get to the bottom of the hang-up in the project’s completion, Bornn and his committee are busy making phone calls, having lunches, meeting with those in the know, making personal visits and generally dogging the project.
Last week some tangible steps were accomplished. Foremost among them was the removal of the outdated project sign, which said that the fort will reopen in 2006! Then, members of the trust board were given a detailed tour of the fort and the construction zone by the team of its guardians, including Lorna Thomas, director of the State Historical Preservation Office (VISHPO).
The basic impression of the group was the fort is really in pretty good condition, albeit for a paint job and some interim cosmetic touches. Inside areas require a bit more detailed attention.
All in all Fort Chris is ready for the cameras of the many curious guests to our island.
The trust’s fort committee wants to work with government agencies to move this project forward.
If any of this is of interest to you, please show your support by joining the St. Thomas Historical Trust and making donations to allow us to do this project and others. You should also sign up to volunteer to help with the fort project work.
On another note, Hassel Island: Last weekend, board member Charles Consolvo led 25 Rotarians on a guided tour of Hassel Island’s Creque Slipway. As a thank you, the Rotarians from the Sunrise and East clubs, plus a couple of Interacters from VI Montessori Academy, did a clean-up and hauled off 30 bags of trash! Such tours are available on an appointment basis for a donation to the trust.
Did you know?…You can get a vanity plate from the Historical Trust that features the beautiful vintage painting of the St. Thomas Harbor by Fritz Melby (1850). Call today!
Upcoming events Wednesday March 9th – Step Street tour with board member Trevor Milner for 24 plus Antilles school students.
Sunday April 10 – Lecture with Betsy Rezende and Anne Walbom on social and economic conditions of St. Croix and St. Thomas/St. John by looking closely at the kinds of occupations in the islands.
Thursday May 26 — Chamber After Hours hosted by the trust, featuring local food, entertainment, prizes and souvenirs.
Our mission is to identify, protect and preserve the historical identity, structures, sites and cultural heritage of St. Thomas through education, advocacy and promotion.
Debbie Avery, executive director, St Thomas Historical Trust, [email protected]. www.stthomashistoricaltrust.org. 774-5541. Join us!


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