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VIPD Make Drug, DUI Arrests Saturday


Two men were arrested on drug charges and three more on charges of driving under the influence Saturday on St. Croix, the V.I. Police Department reported.

The two drug arrests occurred after 8 p.m. Saturday when the suspects were allegedly found with drugs in Club 54 on Company Street. Keith Sealey, age 26, of Estate Sion Farm, was charged with simple possession of a controlled substance, and 23-year-old Taylor Adams of Estate Little Princess was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Each suspect was placed on a $1,000 bail and released after posting the bail amount. This case is pending further court action.

The Police Department’s new Special Operations Mobile Unit was used in the arrests of three people suspected of DUI Saturday. The arrests took place at police DUI checkpoints.

Accordng to police, one suspect was stopped while operating a golf cart on the public street, one nearly hit an officer with his car, and another just missed hitting a police unit when they were stopped.

Casey Carr, 23, was arrested and charged with DUI and reckless driving. Police said Carr was driving a golf cart in Christiansted town. Police smelled a strong odor of alcohol on Carr, and he failed several field sobriety tests. He was arrested shortly before 11 p.m. and was remanded on $1,000 bail.

Richard Ziegler, 27, of Cotton Valley, was stopped at a random DUI checkpoint but nearly ran over an officer before stopping his vehicle. He was arrested and charged with DUI and negligent driving. Ziegler was released after posting $1,000 bail.

Earlier in the evening, around 8 p.m., 62-year-old Ronald Wagner of North Grape Tree Bay was also charged with DUI and negligent driving. When police attempted to stop the vehicle Wagner was driving, he almost hit a police car. Wagner also failed the field sobriety tests, the police said. His bail was also set at $1,000.


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