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Three Suspects Being Sought in Gas Station Robbery


Police on St. Croix are seeking three suspects in an armed robbery that occurred Wednesday night at the Concordia gas station in Frederiksted.

According to the preliminary police report, two employees were closing the station for the night when three masked and armed men approached one employee and followed him back into the store. The suspects took a wallet containing cash and personal documents from the victim’s pants.

The other victim was behind the counter, and the suspects took money from the cash register and demanded money from the safe which was given to them.

According to police, the three men were dressed in black clothing with black masks or T-shirts covering their faces.

The suspects then fled the area. However, the victims did not see how they left or in which direction the suspects went.

The case is being followed up by the Criminal Investigations Bureau. St. Croix Police Chief Christopher Howell is urging anyone who knows anything about this robbery to call his office at 712-6005 with information or call the anonymous tip service, Crime Stoppers USVI at 1-800-222-TIPS.


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