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VIPD Launches Dangerous Dog Task Force


Police on St. Croix have established a Dangerous Dog Task Force in response to increasing reports of dog attacks, Police Chief Christopher Howell said Friday.

Earlier in the week two women were bitten in separate incidents, according to the department. One was attacked in Frederiksted and sustained a large bite wound on her lower right leg. The other woman was attacked by two dogs on a public street in Estate Strawberry. She suffered bite wounds on her legs and feet.

As a result of these attacks and others, Howell said the new task force will concentrate its efforts on the town areas of Christiansted and Frederiksted for the next two weeks.

“This effort is long overdue,” Howell said. “Too many adults and children are being terrorized and bitten by vicious dogs. We have to get this situation under control.”

The task force is made up of Animal Shelter, Department of Agriculture veterinary services employees, and officers from the Christiansted and Frederiksted bike patrol and K9 unit. The group met Friday and will begin a vigorous campaign to round up stray dogs and identify aggressive dogs.

The police department, n a statement announcing the task force, said most strays are not aggressive, but even one instance of a vicious dog attack is too many. If an attack like those that occured this week had happened to a child, Howell said, that child might have died.

The chief urged the public to call 911 and report dangerous and stray dogs. An investigation will be made by officers to determine if the dog poses a threat to society. Additionally, dog owners are reminded that all dogs must have dog tags and be on a leash when on public roads.

Any owners who suspect their dog was picked up in this initiative can call the Animal Shelter at 778-1650 or 778-1651 within three days to retrieve the dog.


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