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UVI ROTC Holds Paintball Tournament

The Senior ROTC Program of the University of the Virgin Islands is presenting its first SROTC Paintball Tournament, which is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 16, at the UVI golf course on the St. Thomas campus.
Therefore, interested individuals older than 16 years are encouraged to attend the event. A sign-up sheet is located on campus at the Ralph M. Paiewonsky Library. There’s a registration fee of $30 per person and $120 per team. Food and drinks will be on sale at very low prices. There’s also going to be live music and entertainment.
The concept of the tournament is for teams island-wide representing their respective organizations to compete in a day long competition. There’ll be a preliminary round, followed by the semi-finals, and the day will conclude with the finals to decide the paintball tournament winners.
‘Leadership and Excellence’ is the motto of the SROTC, and they’ll deliver nothing less than that on the day of the tournament. For further information, contact Stanley Barbel, president of the UVI SROTC Club, at 690-5175.


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